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It's not true kids don't care about the food served at a party. They really do. And they love what is easy, tasting, funny and even more those forms which fascinate their minds. Thinking about this, our playful menu is specially made with bites they will adore. Everything in small sizes, beautiful colors and decoration to make it unforgettable.

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Decorated Pringles

Personalised mini chips - specially made for your theme & party.

Apple Macaroni & Cheese

Swiss authentic recipe, the comfort food in mini portions will delight all the guests!

Misto quente

The most popular brazilian grilled ham&cheese sandwiches in mini sizes. Our bestseller is served hot.

Chicken Snacks

Very popular in Brazil, worldwide loved. Served warm, these snacks are a must at any casual party. A special chili adds a perfect touch.

Special Cakes

Fondant or butter cream themed cake makes your party complete! Choose your flavours, design and...happy Birthday!!!

Cheese balls breads

Parmesan cheese small breads with basil; served warm. A must at any party.

Popcorn Boxes

Handmade decorated popcorn are a HIT at our parties. Choose your theme and let them shine!

Candies counter

Decorated containers add a lot of fun to any party. Smarties, chocolate balls, M&M's and gums available.

Decorated Pralines

Imported beautiful cases will turn your table adorable. All the colors and flavors available.

Fruits Salad

Fresh fruits are always welcome to celebrations. Mini glasses will bring a colorful touch to your festive table.

Mini Muffins

Chocolate muffins in a perfect size for kids. Decorated with smarties and white chocolate, they rock at kids’ parties!

Mini Chicken Sandwiches

Homemade small breads filled with delicious chicken, carrot & corn. Perfect for little hands!

Mini French Fries

A must at kids’ parties. Our potatoes are "air fried" without oil and liked by everyone!

Bio Apple Juice

The most delicious organic "süssmost“ will treat your guests - directly from the lovely Allegra Farm.


Colorful and delicious, donuts are just a perfect option for your party. Available in many colours and flavours.

Fruit Sticks

Nice decor & healthy choice. Fresh fruits in sticks make every table beautiful and all the guests happy.

Themed Cookies

Bring a lot of fun to your party with wonderful cookies decorated with royal icing.

Personalized themed Water

Make sure your guests keep hydrated with this nice decor. Juices, teas & other beverages are also available.

Veggie cups

Fresh vegetable mini portions in decorated cups. Healthy option for any occasion.

Pink Lemonade

A hit at summer parties! Very refreshing, cold & delicious lemonade added to cranberry juice. Kids and adults love it!

"Fun" Cake

A homemade chocolate cake sounds good; even better when it's creatively decorated. Have it ready or just let the children design it with sprinkles, chocolates, candies or fruits.

Fruit cones

Assorted fruits served in waffle ice cream cones. We can also add melted chocolate on them. Fresh, healthy and attractive look & taste.

Shapes mini sandwiches

Wholewheat bread with cheese and turkey to bring more fun to any party. Available shapes: rabbit, flower, butterfly, tulip and egg.

Mini Hot Dogs

Ideal for all parties and ages, our baked hot dogs are perfect snacks!

Watermelon sticks

Ideal for hot days, the refreshing fruit is a hit at birthday summer parties.

Heart ham & cheese sandwiches

Ideal for snack times and birthday parties, our heart breads can be filled with ham & cheese, tuna, chicken or pesto.

Chocolate mousse

Delicious combination of a creamy chocolate with some orange taste. Additional chopped nuts or chocolate make.

Fruit smothies

Delicious fresh, saisonal and exotic fruits mixed specially for your party.

Passion Fruit Mousse

Very fresh and soft passion fruit mousse. A creamy sweet and sour taste that fits every occasion.

PYO Cookies

Paint your own cookies - fun is 100% guaranteed with this delicious activity for little artists! All designs available!


Delicious chocolate, vanilla, banana and blueberry cupcakes, decorated with colours, nuts and fruits. Special and pretty fondant cupcakes also available.

Yoghurt Buffet

Delicious natural yogurt with your favourite fruit sauce, granola or chocolate. Perfect for kids and tea parties.

Monster sandwiches

Ideal for Halloween parties or scared themes; nice size sandwich for the little ones. Wholewheat bread also available.

Mini cupcakes

Delicious mini cupcakes decorated with colorful buttercream. Bite size: ideal for kids, no waste, nor messy!

Nuts cones

Selected nuts (or chips) in handmade cones available in every color. Very popular at kids' parties. Excellent option for decoration.

Mini bolognesa pasta

The classic recipe in small portions - ideal for all ages and all parties.

Popcorn cones

Salty or sweet, our popcorn cones are never left on parties. Cones available in many colors and papers. Beautiful way of presentation; loved by the mini guests.

Brigadeiros gourmet

New version of the popular Brazilian recipe adapted to cook condensed milk with real milk and white chocolate. Covered with pistachio, nuts, coconut and chocolate sprinkles.

Coconut Kisses

Delicious pralines cooked with condensed milk and coconut; involved in grated coconut or any other colorful sprinkles.

Snow cones

Surprise your little guests with snow cones (shaved ice cream) & tasting sirups!

Colorful Meringues

Homemade meringues cones will decorate your sweet table so nicely. Kids love mini versions of the classic Dessert.

*We are happy to provide the nutrition information you need to make your guests' safe food choices. Special nutrition requirements and food allergies should be considered by planning the party menu.


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