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Celebrations are meant to be delicious. So is our menu! Simple and attractive to every taste, our bites are made with fresh ingredients and swiss regional meat. Special diets (nut allergies, vegan or vegetarian menu) are also available. With a beautiful food presentation and details to reflect the occasion, everyone is bound to have a delicious time.

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Fruit smothies

Delicious fresh, saisonal and exotic fruits mixed specially for your party.

Spring Rolls

Heavenly crispy rolls served very hot with an original sweet and sour sauce. Veggie and beef available.

Apple Macaroni & Cheese

Swiss authentic recipe, the comfort food in mini portions will delight all the guests!

Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice is always welcome at any occasion! All the guests refreshed & vitamin C guaranteed!

Fruits Salad

Fresh fruits are always welcome to celebrations. Mini glasses will bring a colorful touch to your festive table.

Fish and Shrimp "Moqueca"

Creamy fish and shrimp stew made with potatoes, spices, coconut milk and palm oil. Authentic Brazilian Dish.

Cheese Plate

Ideal for casual parties, a nice combination of cheese and meat is always liked by almost every guest, besides its beautiful presentation.

Mini Hot Dogs

Ideal for all parties and ages, our baked hot dogs are perfect snacks!

Tom Kha Gai Soup

Very exquisite Thai soup made with coconut milk, mushrooms, chicken and herbs. Served hot.

Quinoa salad with chicken ball

Small portions of quinoa salad with paprika, zucchini and carrot immersed in virgin olive oil and a crispy chicken (or meat) ball on top..

Salmon & Parma Ham Bags

A exclusive taste of crispy filo bags with creamy lemonade salmon or prosciutto di parma on a gruyere cheese bed.

Salad Rolls

Fresh salad with crabs, shrimps or kani served with an irresistible chili sauce.

Parmigiana Chicken with mashed potatoes

Delicious talian recipe as small apettizer portion. Breaded Crispy chicken with tomato sauce on mashed potatoes.

Thai Red Curry

The most popular curry from Thailand made in Switzerland with all original vegetables and ingredients. Chicken and beef available.

Shrimps stroganoff

Delicious Russian recipe adapted to Brazilian flavour. Also available with chicken and beef. Served hot.

Chicken Snacks

Very popular in Brazil, worldwide loved. Served warm, these snacks are a must at any casual party. A special chili adds a perfect touch.

Passion Fruit Mousse

Very fresh and soft passion fruit mousse. A creamy sweet and sour taste that fits every occasion. Also available for kids menus.

Guava cheesecake in glass

Distinctive combination of cheese, biscuit and guava mousse in glass. Nice decoration and flavour to any party.

Mini Brazilian Feijoada

The most popular meal from Brazil in small portions. Our dinner option is made with black beans stew, beef, pork, bacon, sausages.

Dulce de leche's temptation

Exquisite mix of aromas; sweet dulce de leche in a delicate salted pastry with a very fresh strawberry. Served warm.

Mixed nuts in cones

Very attractive and healthy option to your party. Nice presentation, handmade cones available in any color.

Fruits Carving

Elegant fruits will be the best decoration for your party. The art will impress your guests.

Chicken Satay

Tempting grilled chicken satay skewers in the most flavorful Marinade. Perfectly served with a very tasting creamy peanut sauce.

Fresh Fruits

Seasonal and fresh fruits are always welcome to any party!

*We are happy to provide the nutrition information you need to make your guests' safe food choices. Special nutrition requirements and food allergies should be considered by planning the party menu.


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